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PinkAppleJam Archival Comics List:

  • Sea Bream Dream [2006] *Complete, SEE BELOW!*

  • Reluctant Soldier Princess Nami Arcs 1-3 [2001-2008] *Complete, SEE BELOW!*

  • M*A*Z*H [2007]

  • Kara Death [1996]

  • Pinkaa Fairy [2004]

  • Boiled Spoons [1996-2001]

  • Sunshine Bully [2006]

  • Squishy-chan's Adventure [2006]


Sea Bream Dream is a Tiny, Briny Tale!

Originally submitted to NEO Magazine's Manga Competition (sponsored by Stabilo) in 2007, it won a place in the top five. I redrew it in 2013 and released it in print format to sell as a minicomic at comic events around the UK. The last few issues were sold with an A3 poster. I hope you enjoy it, thank you for supporting me and my work through Patreon! :)

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Reluctant Soldier Princess Nami is a stupid and fluffy A-Level British Magical Girl story! Arc 1 of 3!

This story chapter was drawn in 1996 as part of a "sequential narrative" module in my own Art A-Level, well I managed to twist that to my comic-making advantage and I had of course just discovered Sailor Moon, oh my. I was very lucky to get away with making this in class...

Drawn with dip pen nibs, indian inks, the usual fineliners plus actual sticky backed tone, it was presented in a collected volume I ran in 2008 and has been out of print for ages. Click here if you are a Patreon subscriber!!

Reluctant Soldier Princess Nami Arc 2 (of 3) is three segments long, Part 2 actually clocks in at 32 pages!

This part of the story was drawn over the year 2000-2006 (!!). Nami has grown up a bit and takes part when she lives away and attends college, but the experience is dull. Whatever happened to her inbetween parts 1 and 2 has made her very grumpy!

Drawn with brush pens on A4 (somehow?!), plus fineliners and half sticky backed tone, half early computer tone, Arc 2 was also presented in the collected volume which has been out of print for years. Click here if you are a Patreon subscriber!!

Reluctant Soldier Princess Nami Arc 3 (of 3) is the final and third segment, and is a neat 20 pages in total!

This story was drawn in 2008 and completed the Arc Trilogy of RSPNami. My hilarious friend Nayyar Mughal wrote the snarky script; it is my favourite arc in the series.

Drawn with (back then very new and exciting) Japanese pen nibs, indian inks and imported into Manga Studio 3, Arc 3 was also presented in the same collected print volume and has also been out of print for yonks. Click here if you are a Patreon subscriber!!