Comics and competitions

Since 1995 I have been drawing and self-publishing comics. Comic creation is mainly a self-taught practice, I encourage it greatly. I have drawn comics both for myself and for other people since creating my own stories when at school.      

I won a place in Neo Magazine's Manga Competition plus Tokyopop's third Rising Stars of Manga competition. I am continually working on my own comic, 'Biomecha', and I have contributed numerous comics to comic anthologies, as well as creating one-shot comics such as 'Reluctant Soldier Princess Nami', which weirdly got namechecked in The Independent.

Many books which contain my work are available to order from Amazon or directly from the publisher.

Biomecha - available to read here.

Printed Mini-Comics - SOLD OUT

Sweatdrop Studios

  • Image 1 :: "Reluctant Soldier Princess Nami" (Out of print)

  • Image 2 :: Cold Sweat & Tears anthology - Front cover & "Black Peace"

  • Image 3 :: Drop Dead Monstrous anthology - "Body Parts"

  • Image 4 :: Stardust anthology - Front cover layout & "Different For Girls".

Extra comics  Competitions, pitches etc.

  • Images 1 & 2 :: "Circus Macabre" (written by Sarah Roark, a pitch project)

  • Image 3 :: "M*A*Z*H" (Written by Andrew Watton-Davies, published by Robinson) - The Mammoth Book of Zombie Comics

  • Image 4 :: "Until Death Do Us Party", published by Tokyopop) - Rising Stars of Manga UK & IR #3

  • Images 5 & 6 :: "PopPixie Tome 2" - artworker assistance (colours, backgrounds) - Published by CASTERMAN, France

  • Image 7 :: "Zombie Days" pages; promotional comic for Rebel Developers' online game

  • Images 8 - 12 :: Inks over pencils provided by "Medikidz" comics