Publications (print media)

Books can be ordered from Amazon or directly from the respective publisher. Magazines may be found via each company's back order section.

Book publications

Tutorials and illustrations created for books including Digital Manga Techniques, 500 Manga Characters and Drawing Manga alongside other UK manga artists' works. In the tutorial books, there are step-by-step illustrations and texts to explain steps on digital drawing, inking and colouring. There are also steps and processes regards designing characters and developing storylines, plus creating cover artwork and pin-up illustration.

Neo Magazine 

Step-by-step manga-style artwork tutorials, comics and articles about aspects of Japanese pop culture and fashion for Neo Magazine.

Shout! Magazine DC Thomson & Co Ltd.

Illustrations for Embarrassing Moments and other articles for Shout! Magazine.

Miscellaneous  Magazine work plus other publications.

Just17, A&I Magazine, MCM Expo, Pilot promo, Derwent promo plus more.