Biomecha Book 1 compiles work produced between 1994-1998 (with additional chapter specials from 1999-2006). It is the first arc of the series. It was one of the very first UK self published titles to be influenced wholly by Japanese media. More about Biomecha here!

  • Book 1’s main chapters are available below (from the bottom, reverse chronological order), or can be purchased from Etsy. The print books contain short stories and other artwork.

  • Book 2 is partially reproduced here, but available in print, and on Patreon, in full.

  • Book 3 - the final book - is underway.

Patreon Supporters can read everything I've worked on for Biomecha Book 2 digitally, as well as the conclusion of Biomecha Book 3. I upload 8 x pages of Book 3 per month, as often as I can throughout each year. Book 2 is available in full to Patrons, in part to everyone.

When the Patreon hits it’s goal, there are also 8 x pages of Extra Comics from the PinkAppleJam archive for monthly subscribers to take a look at as well!

This can be reached via donations as little as $1+ per month to my Patreon account. Bargain!

Thanks as always for your support, and stay tuned :)

Biomecha Book 2 - Chapter 6 (2004)

Biomecha Book 2 - Chapter 5 (2001)

Biomecha Book 2 - Chapter 0 / prologue (2005)

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Biomecha Book 1 - Chapter 4 (1998)

Biomecha Book 1 - Chapter 3.5 (1998)

Biomecha Book 1 - Chapter 3 (1997)

Biomecha Book 1 - Chapter 2 (1996)

Biomecha Book 1 - Chapter 1 (1995)

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