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Hello and welcome to PinkAppleJam.com!  PinkAppleJam is the online ID of Laura Watton, an illustrator / cartoonist / artist; a name used for various illustration and personal work projects.

PinkAppleJam works have been published via Letraset, Sheffield's Corporation nightclub, Shout Magazine, the UK Japanese Embassy, Tokyopop, NEO Magazine plus other publishers. Artwork and concept work has also been developed via PinkAppleJam for online games, indie shops, flyers and numerous art projects, and has also hosted talks about making comics, plus how-to-draw classes.

...Comics culture and creating stories you want to tell is important to me. I have produced a number of comic works, including stories featured in Sweatdrop Studios’ anthologies, Tokyopop's Rising Stars of Manga UK & IR, and Neo Magazine's manga competition, sponsored by Stabilo.

My goal is to continue making indie art projects and comic books. I continue to publish Biomecha, which was one of the UK's earliest forays into Japanese-inspired indie comics, supported by Patreon donations and also funded via sales of my artwork through Etsy.

Thanks for looking! Enjoy your stay!

          - Laura


  • Biomecha Comic :: Updates of my long-running comic!

  • Patreon :: Ongoing support for comic creation.

  • Etsy :: Laura’s things for sale! Stuff to buy, as advertised in the banner.

  • Twitch: Streaming! Drawing! And stuff!

  • Comicsy :: Similar to Etsy, but only for comics.

  • Instagram :: Hipster filters make my sketches look a lot better! :D

  • Facebook Art Page :: News and updates of my artwork and projects.

  • Twitter :: Used for comic talk.

  • Wikipedia :: It'sa mee!

  • DeviantArt :: Reserved for uploads of incredibly old & cheesy fanart. Know your roots!

  • Tumblr :: This website, but in Tumblr format...